10 Reasons Why You Should Become a CNA

If you want to work in healthcare but don’t see college as being a good choice for you, or you want to earn some money before you enroll in your dream university so you don’t have to worry about amassing a huge amount of student debt, there are at least 10 reasons to become a CNA you will want to seriously consider.

In reality we could list off as many as 50 or so reasons on why becoming a certified nursing assistant is a such a wonderful career option.

However, the 10 reasons we have listed below will help you get a better understanding on why you should seriously consider the CNA position as a great choice.

10 Reasons on Why You Should Become a CNA

1. You Will Feel Good About Yourself and Your Professional Life

Your professional duties involve taking care of people who have lost the ability to handle their basic needs.

Knowing you’re doing something to improve their quality of life will give you a sense of purpose you would not find had you selected any of the other jobs you were qualified for.

2. Steady Employment

If you had opted to work at a fast food chain or gas station, you wouldn’t know when you worked or how many hours you would get from one week to the next.

One of the 10 reasons to become a CNA has always been that the work is steady, most facilities promise 40 hours a week and try to keep the schedule similar from one week to the next.

3. Training Doesn’t Take Months

When you first start to work as a CNA, you can expect a short training period. Before the facility can allow you to care for the patients, the federal government does insist that you receive 75 hours of training.

Once you’ve completed that, you will be able to care for patients and work for full pay. Plus you can easily train online!

4. Gives You  a First Hand Opportunity  to Experience a Health Care Career

why become a cna?In addition to caring for patients, you will also find yourself working shoulder to shoulder with other nurses.

This give you the perfect opportunity to see what their professional life is like, and help you decide if you would be interested in a career as a registered or vocational nurse, or if you should pursue a different option once you start college.

5. Increases Your Chances of Becoming a Full-Fledged Nurse

Nursing school has become really competitive. Many applicants have gotten turned away. Some schools have made the decision to require applicants to have their CNA certification before they can start the program.

The fact that you’re already certified and have valuable work experience gives you a leg up on the competition.

6. You’ll be Able to Find a Job Anywhere

One of the top 10 reasons to become a CNA is the fact that you will be able to find a job no matter where you call home. If you relocate, as long as you already have your CNA certification, you will be able to find a facility that wants to hire you.

7. Flexible Hours

If you decide to attend college, you won’t have to give up your job. Facilities are happy to change around a work schedule so that you can fit in your classes and still earn a living.

8. Great Salary

The salary is another one of the top 10 reasons to become a CNA. Considering that you don’t need a college degree and training can be completed in as little as six weeks, the national median salary is $24,000. Not too shabby.

9. Varied Work Options

If you’re the kind of person who gets bored after spending too much time in one place, you will love being a CNA. You can work in nursing homes, hospices, hospitals, and a wide range of healthcare facilities.

10. You’ll Appreciate Your Life

Since you’re going to be surrounded by individuals who are old or severely disabled, and you will learn to appreciate your own good health.


Additional exceptional reasons to get your CNA certification, include:

  • Great co-workers
  • Helping others
  • Benefits
  • Excellent job outlook
  • Meeting lots of fun people
  • The work will never be dull

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