Top 10 CNA Specialties

The top 10 CNA specialties and the benefits of earning a specialization as a CNA.

There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing your work helps others, and that’s one thing that a certified nursing assistant will always have.

Getting your CNA qualification can open up many doors for you, but there are so many more options and benefits available if you decide to enroll in a CNA specialty as well.

There are so many different paths you can take with your CNA qualification and choosing a single area to specify in is a smart move. However, there are quite a few options out there including psychiatric nursing and cardiology, so being aware of the top 10 CNA specialties is crucial.

If you’ve been thinking about adding more value to your CNA certification, a specialization is the way to go. Jobs for CNA certified workers usually pay more, along with other benefits, so it’s the next big goal that you should be aiming for with your certification.

Benefits Of Earning A Specialization

There are so many advantages to earning a specialization and giving your CNA certification a little more worth. Here are just some reasons why nursing assistants might want to add a specialty to their career profile.

Once you have decided on a specialization to pursue you will want to find CNA classes near you.

Higher salary

Compared to a standard CNA, those with a specialty to add to their resume will likely earn more money. Having a specialization usually earns a higher pay grade, so the money will be noticeably better.

Closer to RN

Earning a CNA specialty will help you move your career one step closer to become a registered nurse.

This specialty can also direct you towards what area of medicine you want to work with and allow you to give it a try before you become a fully qualified RN.

More desirable candidate

Of course, there is nothing wrong with being a CNA as they are highly regarded in the health industry, however, having a specialization to go with it makes you more desirable.

Predictions show that the need for CNAs will rise by 11% by 2026, signaling further growth.

With a CNA specialization, you’ll be able to stand out against other candidates and find better job opportunities as employers are looking for your specific skills.

Career satisfaction

Being a nursing assistant is a rewarding job in itself, but knowing that you have a special skill set that is desired by the healthcare industry will make your job feel just that bit more important.

You might even choose to specialize in more than one area, giving you even more job satisfaction.

Popular Choices for CNA Specialties

If you’re already a CNA and know that you’re ready to take the next step in your career by earning a specialization, you’ll then have the challenging task of finding what area suits you.

Some nursing assistants might already know where their passion lies, so this part will be easy, but for others, it pays to look around at the different areas of medicine to see what piques your interest.

These are just some of the common areas that nursing assistants might choose to specialize in.

Cardiology aide

Many CNAs working at hospitals will find themselves assisting in the cardiology department quite frequently. This area of medicine focuses on the heart and cardiovascular system.

Cardiology is a very valued specialty for a CNA to have and one that can earn you more money as well as desirability, as it’s such an important role.

Pediatrics aide

There are many people who get into healthcare specifically to help kids, whether it’s a CNA or a doctor. When you have a pediatrics specialty you’ll be able to work with children exclusively and help the pediatricians and other child-centered health professionals to do their jobs.

These roles are popular in hospitals but also in smaller medical practices and healthcare facilities.

Geriatrics aide

These nursing assistants will be working alongside the elderly and helping to provide assistance and health care to them. You may find work in hospitals, palliative care facilities, homes for the elderly, and a range of other places.

These nurses need to be patient, compassionate and have a sympathetic manner that allows them to help out elderly patients, but you will be rewarded with many career options.

Psychiatric aide

Having an interest in mental health and assisting those who are suffering from various mental health conditions or emotional disturbances would point you in the direction of becoming a psychiatric aide.

These roles can be challenging but satisfying, and this specialty is one experiencing a lot of growth.

Home care aide

Being a home care aide means that you work outside of the hospital system and in the patient’s home.

You might be providing a range of care options for them including cleaning, bathing, wound dressing, and medication, and in a standard day, it’s likely you would visit a few different patients.

Adding Value To Your Career

Nursing is one of the most respected careers in the country and the world, and being a part of the healthcare solution is a rewarding job to have.

Although we are seeing predictions of growth in the nursing field over the coming years, the way to really stand out and find your place in this industry is with a CNA specialization.

There are so many wonderful avenues you can take with your CNA certification, so it all depends on your interests. Healthcare is something that will always be required in society, and investing in career growth like this means you’ll never be without work again.

Whether you choose your industry based on the need for extra nursing help or you’re following something you’re truly passionate about, adding a specialization to your certification will help immensely.

Becoming specialized in one of these areas will only add value to your career and can take you one step closer to becoming an RN, if that’s where your goals lie.