Top Personality Traits of A Certified Nursing Aide

A Certified Nursing Aide / Assistant provides basic patient / client care in hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and private homes.

Training to become a CNA is available from a wide variety of sources; generally a high school degree or a GED is required to start an accredited training program, which upon successful completion, will lead to your Certified Nurses Assistant certification by your state.

The position of a Certified Nursing Aide is currently experiencing a tremendous growth of jobs. The latest reports from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected an increase of new Certified Nurses Assistant positions by as much as 20% until 2020 or roughly 300,000 new jobs.

If you have the right training and personality traits, becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant can be a very successful career choice.

Personal Traits of a Certified Nursing Aide

There are parts of the Certified Nursing Aide job that can be learned, but there are aspects of excelling at the job that might be inherent to one’s personality. These traits you may have been born with, or developed along the course of your life.

The top traits that help make a Certified Nurses Assistant good at their job include:

  • Cooperation – being a good Certified Nursing Aide requires being a team player; you must be able to have a certain successful back and forth with your co-workers and supervisors.
  • Optimism  – you may often be dealing with people in very difficult circumstances; it’s important to remain hopeful and portray an optimistic and happy attitude.
  • Order – being organized and maintaining order in a sometimes chaotic environment is important. You will often have to keep track of routines, and the daily lives of patients, and help them maintain a routine.
  • certified nurses assistantSavvy – savvy is kind of an intangible trait. In this instance, it kind of means “street wise.” Having a understanding of people and being able to read them, especially in instances where they are unable, or sometimes unwilling, to be very communicative.
  • Determination – having a “can do” attitude can be helpful; knowing what you need to do to complete your tasks, and sticking to it.
  • Compassion  – having a deep concern and respect for people of all kinds, often in very different circumstances can be useful.
  • Empathy – kind of like compassion, but being able to relate to a patient’s situation, and showing care and kindness, even if they are sometimes unreceptive to your offer of kindness.
  • Communication – good communication skills are a necessity. From both perspectives, being able to communicate clearly with patients and colleagues, as well as listening. You will need to be able to listen to patients to fully comprehend their situation, and to colleagues to be able to understand and interpret their instruction and guidance.
  • Observation – good powers of observation are essential. You may have patients who are unable to communicate regularly, and by being an astute observer, you will have a better chance of understanding their needs and wants.
  • Emotional Stability – often a Certified Nursing Aide may be dealing with patients under very dire health challenges. Being able to maintain a calm exterior and present that to patients, families, and colleagues, remaining “cool under fire” as it were, can help you be the very best at your job.

These are some of top personal traits that help make a Certified Nurses Assistant good at his / her job. There may be other traits that can come in to play such as patience and the ability to work independently.

The combination of these personality traits and the mastery of the skills you would learn in your traditional or online Certified Nursing Aide training programs will help you be a success in this field and any other healthcare field you may go in to.

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