Passing Your CNA Certification Test

In order to enjoy a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant, you must have the ability to pass the CNA certification test such as the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP).

This exam will be taken once you have completed your accredited CNA classes that meet the requirements of your state and the federal regulations.

This skills evaluation exam is the last step before you can start seeking employment as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Importance of the CNA Certification Test

The importance of certification cannot be understated by any degree. Not only is there a difference in pay but also in responsibilities and a possible better future.

Certification will also let potential employers know that you are serious about your chosen job, know what you are doing and will adhere to the principles that will help your patients to the best of your ability.

Tips to Prep for Your CNA State Test

As long as you have paid attention in your training as well as continued to study, your CNA certification examination should not be that hard.

The following steps should help you in preparing to take the CNA exam.

Establish a Great Communication Background

Patient care plays a vital role in the daily chores of the CNA. The ability to show care and compassion to a patient is a special talent that all those going into the field should possess.

The ability to communicate well with the patient is of utmost importance and will be assessed on the certification examination.

Before taking the exam, you will want to take time to polish up on your communication skills in order to score high enough to pass this part of the certification test.

Review All Safety Precautions Necessary

CNA Certification TestWhile patient care and communication is important, the safety precautions you demonstrate on your patients is equally important.

You should review all of the necessary safety tips and precautions which you have been taught and put them into practice each and every day.

When it comes time to take the exam, you will be sure to score well on all safety items given on the test. Keeping the patient safe at all times is your main priority. Pay close attention to detail.

Review State and County Rules

Different states and counties have certain rules and regulations about the Certified Nursing Assistant program.

Send for a copy of these rules and read through them so that you become familiar with your state’s program.

Do not waste time studying other state rules as this will not help you on the exam. Take your time in this phase to ensure success.

Attention to Detail During Prep for CNA Testing

When taking the CNA exam, details about anything and everything play a huge role in passing the exam. When it comes to patient care, the more detail the better satisfied and comfortable the patient is with you.

The basics will be covered on the exam as well. The test examiner will grade you on basics as well as all the little details you offer to make certain this career path is suited for you.

More Details About the CNA Exam

There are two parts to the CNA certification examination. There is a written part and then a skills demonstration part.

The written part of the exam will contain approximately 70-80 multiple choice questions. It usually takes around 2 hours to complete this part of the exam. Your knowledge will be important as well as your focus.

The second part of the certification test will measure your ability as a hands on CNA. This is the part in which your physical ability will be measured.

This part of the test is held in a work environment where you will be given five randomly selected CNA tasks to demonstrate and will be graded by the test examiner. Again, you will want to include all details especially hand washing and infection control.

After Passing the Certified Nursing Assistant Test

CNA State TestIn order to qualify your state’s Nurse’s Aide Registry, you must complete and pass the CNA certification examination.

There really isn’t any other way to establish a career in healthcare.

Following the steps listed above will assist you on a great journey in the medical field. Study and prepare, but most of all practice what you know. This will ensure a great start in the healthcare sector.

After the CNA Certification Test you are on Your Way!

We have provided a list of accredited programs that you can take a look at by using the search option near the top right hand side of the page.

You can choose from traditional campus style classes or one of the great CNA online programs that best fit your current needs. In as little as six (6) weeks, you too can be taking the certification examination and starting a new career.