CNA Practice Exam – Communication

cna practice exam - communicationThis CNA practice exam on communication is part of a series of quizzes to help those training to become a nursing assistant pass their certification exam.

We have researched past examinations and other practice material from the National Council of State Boards of Nursing and Prometric to come up with questions that best reflect the types of information you will encounter on the real certification exam.

Those of us at CNA Online Programs are committed to providing you with the best and more reliable information to help you to attain your goal of working the healthcare sector.

CNA Practice Exam – Communication

The CNA practice exam found on this page covers the subject of communication. As a certified nursing assistant you will be working closely with your patients and the proper use of communicative skills is extremely important for you and the patients well being.

The communication skills you will learn in your nursing assistant training are covered on your certification exam and is roughly 10% of the test.

A good CNA will be able to meet almost any obstacle when it comes to communication with their patients. It should not matter if the patient is deaf, has trouble speaking or has trouble relating to the English language.

Your training has provided you with a number of different ways to communicate effectively.

There are basically four ways we can communicate to and receive information from our patients.

These methods are:

  • Verbal – using the spoken word to understand
  • Non-verbal – use of facial expressions, gestures and body language to convey information
  • Written – using the written word or, in extreme cases, pictures to understand
  • Para-verbal – using the different tones, pacing and volume to help get the information across

One must remember that your position as a CNA gives you direct and frequent access to your patients. You will most likely pick up a number of cues from your patient that can be missed by other health care staff.

These cues do serve as part of the communication process as it does relay to you information about your patient.

Certification Exam

cna quiz on communicationAs a student training to become a certified nursing assistant, you will need to pass your certification examination to work effectively in the healthcare industry. It is in your best interest to be prepared properly to take your exam.

The faster you can pass the exam, the faster you will be able to go out in to the job market and start making a difference for others.

The following tips should help you best prepare for your certification exam.

  • Plan to study at least an hour a day four to six weeks prior to your exam date
  • Have a quiet place with few distractions to study
  • Form a study group with friends or classmates
  • Go over all of your material from class
  • Practice your clinical skills when possible on family, friends and loved ones
  • Know the information to avoid a pre-exam anxiety attack
  • Get plenty of sleep and eat properly
  • Take practice exams to get yourself ready for the types of information and questions you will be faced with

Good luck on your certification exam!

CNA Practice Exam - Communication

This practice exam for certified nursing assistants will cover aspects of communication. Each question has at least one right answer with some possibly having more than one right answer. Good luck!
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