CNA Practice Exam – Psychological and Mental Health

On this page you will find the CNA practice exam – psychological and mental health as the topic. This exam is to help you prepare for your real certification exam that you will be taking soon.

The questions in this practice exam are very similar to the types of questions that would find on certification exam given by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing or by Prometric.

The questions presented on this page through the CNA practice exam – psychological and mental health are to help you with just one part of the real certification examination which covers everything that you learned in your training program.

As you probably already know, the certification exam that you are going to take is split in two parts, a written and a live skills demonstration. The written part of the exam is roughly 60 to 70 multiple choice questions while the live demonstration is typically five random skills you will need to show the test giver.

CNA Practice Exam – Psychological and Mental Health

In this practice exam we will focus on areas of psychological and mental health of your patient. In your training to become a CNA, you will cover a number of ways to help keep a patient happy, morale high and their mental health in check.

The percent of questions in this subject area is roughly 13% so it is worthy of making sure you know exactly what you are up against. Let’s be honest, having a pretty good idea on what you will face when you take your actual certification examination is extremely beneficial.

Certification Exam

CNA practiceThe certification exam will cover most of the duties and responsibilities of a CNA. The basic breakdown of the written part of the real certification exam is as follows:

1. Physical Care Skills

This category is broken down in to three sub categories covering about 49% of the certification exam.

These categories with the percent of questions include:

  • Daily Living Activities – 7%
  • Basic Nursing Skills – 37%
  • Restorative Skills – 5%

2. Psychological and Mental Health

Covering 13% of the total written exam, the questions in this section will cover psychosocial care skills and is broken up in to two subgroups.

  • Emotional, Psychological and Mental Health Needs – 10%
  • Cultural and Spiritual Needs – 3%

3. Role of a Nurse Aide

The last part of the certification exam is more of a miscellaneous listing of duties in the CNA job description that is not covered by the other categories.

This category is broken down in to four subgroups.

  • Communication – 10%
  • Legal and Ethical Behavior – 5%
  • Patient Rights – 15%
  • Health Care Team Member – 8%

CNA Practice Exam - Emotional and Mental Health Needs

The following CNA practice exam will cover some of the mental health and psychological duties that a certified nursing assistant is charge of. The questions presented in this practice exam have been created from previous real certification examinations. Some questions may have more than one answer so be sure to check all the proper responses for full credit. Good luck!
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