CNA Practice Exams – Physical Care

This page contains the first of three CNA practice exams.

Part of the process of becoming a certified nursing assistant is passing the CNA exam. We have devised our own practice exam for you to will help you prepare yourself for the real thing.

Our nursing assistant practice test is split up in to three areas: Physical Care Skills, Psychological Care Skills and Role of the Nurse Aide.

One of the main goals of CNA Online Programs is to help meet the important demand of qualified healthcare professionals.

We want to help aspiring certified nursing assistants the opportunity to fulfill their desires in working in this crucial area of healthcare. So we have devised a series of CNA practice exams that one can choose to use to bone up on the information they will need to pass the real exam.

In this post you will find a CNA practice exam for you to start your preparation to pass the real certification examination. If you have any questions or comments concerning our exam, please contact us.

CNA Practice Exam

This is the first of three practice examinations we will have on this site. The topic of this specific CNA practice exam is physical care which includes basic nursing skills, restorative skills and activities of daily living.

While we cannot in any way guarantee that that these exact questions will or will not be on the real certification exam you must take, it should give you an idea on what you should expect.

How to Prepare

certified nursing assistant practice examThis is unlike most exams that you have ever taken. You should not wait until the last minute to cram for your test.

You will want to be as prepared as possible and know the information well enough so that you can walk in to the exam room with plenty of confidence.

Some items you may need to follow our prep plan for studying for your certification exam:

  • Your course materials
  • A study guide
  • Practice exams
  • Old exams

We highly suggest that you prepare for the certification exam at least four weeks prior to taking it.

This amount of time should give you plenty of time to prepare properly through reviewing your course materials, reading a study guide and taking some practice tests like this CNA practice exam.

Our best advice is as follows:

  • Review course material at least three to four weeks prior to the exam date
  • Look online for some practice exams such from Pearson Vue
  • Take a look at old CNA exams that may be found on your state’s Board of Health website
  • Be sure to study in a quiet area that does not have distractions such as kids, TV or radio
  • Plan an hour a day to study and do it
  • See if you can find a friend or classmate to study with
  • Buy or create some flashcards to go over key topics and medical terminology
  • Buy a study guide or find someone you can borrow one from
  • At least once a week take a full CNA practice exam and keep track of your progress

By keeping track of your progress on the CNA practice exam, you will be able to zero in on some of the areas causing you the most problems. Then it is possible to focus on those areas more so that you will be fix your weaker areas.

Keep in mind that part of the exam is showing off the practical skills you have learned in your training, the majority of the exam will be multiple choice.

For the practical portion of the exam it is helpful to have a classmate or a family member to act as the patient. You will need to check for vitals, move the patient and other typical tasks associated with the CNA job description.

Keep checking back for more CNA practice exams we will be adding in the near future. Remember, if you know the material you should feel confident and at ease while taking the exam.

We know you can do it and hope to provide you the support necessary so you can become a certified nursing assistant soon. Good Luck!

CNA Practice Exam - Physical Care

This is a practice exam for the physical care section of the CNA exam. The questions presented are sample questions and may or may not appear on a real CNA exam.
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